As a daily appliance, the bathroom is an essential part of your home and therefore requires regular cleaning and plumbing maintenance. No matter the size, there’s plenty of opportunity for plumbing issues to occur at the most inconvenient of times, so it’s vital to keep your bathroom’s plumbing in the best condition possible.

28th November 2018

A new bathroom doesn’t have to cost the earth, and knowing what to look out for means you can refurbish your bathroom even on a small budget. Take a look at our tips for giving your bathroom a new lease of life without putting too big a dent in your bank balance.

1. Know What You’re Getting

17th May 2018

Once considered a luxury item, heated towel rails or radiators are now very popular and affordable. They add convenience and style to any bathroom, and they’re easy to install. But what do you need to think about before you replace your old radiator with a shiny new heated towel rail? Here are six things to consider.

23rd January 2018

Choosing a new shower can be an enjoyable experience, though it may seem a bit daunting with so many different types and looks to choose from. It is key to do your research, as there are a number of things to consider before choosing your brand new shower. Here are five things for you to think about.


30th October 2017

The bathroom is usually the smallest space in the house, and this is particularly true for some people more than others. Whether you have a small downstairs toilet or your main bathroom is looking a little cramped, most people would agree that bigger is better. So what can you do to add some extra space to your bathroom?

13th September 2016

If your bathroom is looking a little past its best or no longer fulfils your needs, it might be time to treat the family to a shiny new bathroom suite. But there’s a lot to think about even when remodelling a small room, so here are a few things to consider before you start picking out taps.

28th July 2016