How To Take Care Of Your Boiler Over Winter

How To Take Care Of Your Boiler Over Winter

There’s nothing worse than waking up on a frosty winters morning to find that your boiler has broken down. Jumping into a freezing shower and having a cold home is the last thing you need – especially in the winter months!

With boiler failures mainly happening in the winter, it is essential that you take care of your boiler all year round to prevent the nightmare of a boiler break down. We have listed for you below some helpful tips to ensure your home remains cosy and your boiler is in tip-top condition.

1.   Annual boiler servicing

The best way to ensure your boiler is running efficiently at all times, is to arrange an annual boiler service by a qualified professional. They will carry out all the necessary checks and maintenance your boiler requires, giving you peace of mind that your boiler is safe and working correctly. The annual service is also cost-effective and could save you money in the long-term by preventing possible problems from occurring.

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2.   Bleed your radiators

Making sure your radiators are bled regularly is an easy way to keep your home warm and save you money. If your radiators have trapped air inside, they will not warm up properly and your boiler will have to work a lot harder, increasing wear and wasting energy. Therefore, it is recommended to regularly check your radiators and bleed them when necessary.

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3.   Boiler pressure checks

Along with bleeding your radiators, checking the boiler pressure is another key task you can carry out yourself. All boilers lose pressure over time, which will lead them to work inefficiently and will require a top up. As most boilers are different, you will need to check the manufacturers manual to find out how to carry this out. Alternatively, you can seek advice from your plumber if you are unsure.

4.   Keeping the clutter at bay

All boilers need to be well ventilated to ensure they work correctly and safely. Therefore, it is essential that the space around them is clear from clutter i.e. coats, shoes, bags etc. As many boilers are fitted in cupboards, keeping the clutter at bay is a priority for adequate ventilation.

5.   Turn the heating on

It may not seem to make sense to run your central heating when the weather is warm, however, turning your heating on for 10 to 15 minutes every so often in the summer will prevent your boiler from seizing up. If your boiler is sitting idle for months at a time it can deteriorate, causing problems when you wish to turn it on again.

6.   Power flushing

Although this is usually done when fitting a new boiler, power flushing is a service that can be carried out at any time when required. Over time, your radiators may begin to clog up with sludge, rust and solidified minerals caused by hard water, which may cause your boiler to become increasingly noisy. Power flushing is a deep cleanse for your entire central heating system, making it run more efficiently by removing blockages. We recommend you do not carry this out yourself and seek advice from a reputable plumber.

7.   Fix issues quickly

Following our tips throughout the year will ensure your boiler works correctly in the winter period. It is vital that any issues you find are dealt with promptly by a qualified professional. This will ensure that your central heating runs correctly and your boiler is safe.

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