What Should You Look For In A New Boiler Brand?

So, your boiler has broken down or is on its last legs, and it’s time to replace it. But realising you need a new boiler is only the first step in your decision-making process. There are several things to consider when you choose a new boiler, including what type of boiler is right for your house, what system will fit your budget, and which brand you’d like to go with. We’re going to take a look at the latter – here are a few things for you to consider when choosing the brand of your next boiler.

Are they well-established?

The best boiler brands are usually those that have been in business for a long time – the experts. They are well-established, have been providing people with boilers for a number of years, and have a good reputation. It’s a good idea to start by looking at the brands you are familiar with or that friends and family have recommended to you. There are plenty of brands out there, so instead of overwhelming yourself with all of them, start with what you know.

What types of boiler do they make?

If you know what type of boiler you need, this will help you to find a brand that will supply it. For example, if you need a gas combi boiler you won’t need to look very far, but some companies specialise in particular types of boiler – such as oil boilers.  

What are the reviews like?

When you’re choosing a new boiler, it’s important to do your research. What are the reviews like for the brands you are considering? Trustpilot scores and Which? brand scores can be very useful for this, and the internet as a whole is a mine of information for this subject. Your friends, family and neighbours may also be able to give advice based on their experiences. What brand do they have, and has it given them any problems? Would they recommend it?

How reliable are they?

Your research is also important when it comes to checking a boiler brand’s reliability. Are reviewers complaining that their boiler is prone to breakdowns, or do people generally seem happy that their boiler is in working order?

How easy are they to use?

How do people get along with the controls and thermostats for their boiler? Are they easy to use, and can you set a timer or programme them? Refer to reviewers again – both professional publications and the general public – to find out what it’s really like to use the boiler every day.


Take a look at The Eco Experts’ Best Boiler Brands in 2018 for more information about individual brands.

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