Home Remedies: How To Fix A Blocked Drain

Home Remedies: How To Fix A Blocked Drain

Blocked drains can be a nightmare, so we’ve put together a quick guide to help. A blocked drain is characterised by a hideous sulphur type smell, slow draining sinks and high rising toilets. They’re pretty easy to stop before they happen, but are a little trickier to get rid of.

Top tip number 1: Hot water, or even coca cola. Fizzy drinks work pretty well due to their high acidity which helps to break down the nasty stuff stuck inside your drain.

Top tip number 2: Plunging. This creates a vacuum which sucks out, or dislodges the blockage, allowing your drain to run free once more.

Top tip number 3: Baking soda and vinegar. This creates a reaction that pushes through your drains, hopefully dissolving the blockage.

If none of these work, then give M. Wilson Plumbing a call, and we can help you unblock your drain, or even your toilet. We offer our plumbing services in Northampton and the surrounding areas.