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Dirty plates are piling up and you’re out of clean glasses - it’s time to replace your old dishwasher for a sparkling new one. This project is not as difficult as it sounds and should only take a couple of hours, but may require some plumbing skills. Here are a few handy tips to help you install your new dishwasher.

15th June 2018

A new bathroom doesn’t have to cost the earth, and knowing what to look out for means you can refurbish your bathroom even on a small budget. Take a look at our tips for giving your bathroom a new lease of life without putting too big a dent in your bank balance.

1. Know What You’re Getting

17th May 2018

The kitchen can be the busiest and most used part of a home, but not every house is blessed with a large space for cooking and entertaining. If you have a small kitchen and you’re looking at revamping it, you’d probably like to try to increase the space available to you, both to make the room more practical and to make it look bigger.

17th April 2018

Looking for a friendly, reliable and professional plumber in Wellingborough? You’re in the right place, and our customers would agree!

22nd March 2018

So, your boiler has broken down or is on its last legs, and it’s time to replace it. But realising you need a new boiler is only the first step in your decision-making process.

20th March 2018

When the time for your boiler service comes around, it may be tempting to put it off or even to ignore the matter completely. Your boiler still seems to be in working order, so why pay for someone to look at it and tell you it’s fine?

27th February 2018

At M Wilson Plumbing we love being able to fix our customers' problems - and a broken boiler is a big problem to have, especially in winter. Sometimes a problem with your boiler can be repaired, but if the boiler is old, inefficient and costing you more money in repairs and energy bills than it used to – it may be time for a new boiler.

30th January 2018

Once considered a luxury item, heated towel rails or radiators are now very popular and affordable. They add convenience and style to any bathroom, and they’re easy to install. But what do you need to think about before you replace your old radiator with a shiny new heated towel rail? Here are six things to consider.

23rd January 2018

Merry Christmas from everyone here at M Wilson plumbing! Thank you very much for your custom this year. We hope you've had a good 2017 and that 2018 will be even better. Here is a short video we've put together of some of our latest reviews from our happy customers during 2017. We hope to see you all again very soon.

20th December 2017

If your radiator isn’t warm all over and has some cold spots, it won’t be working very efficiently and you’ll be paying for your heating without feeling the full benefit. You may need to bleed the radiator, which involves letting out the air that is trapped inside.

17th November 2017